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Over at Fusion, I took a look at apps, racism, and pushing the boundaries of Human Centered Design: Unfortunately, there isn’t a quick hack to engender empathy or compassion. But we could start turning the tide in the fight against racism if we could start shifting the way people think about human-centered design. Most tech workers are aware of human centered design as a practice: pioneered by the creative firm IDEO, the mandate is to understand why you are building […]


New @ The Guardian: “Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio and the cult of the white male celebrity activist”

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New piece up at the Guardian US: In the Friday night television wasteland, Ben Affleck grabbed headlines by doing what many Americans refused to do even when faced with piles of evidence and growing body counts: call a prominent person out for “gross” and “racist” statements. But why did Affleck get so much attention for calling out Maher’s leftwing flavored Islamophobia? Reza Aslan, Rabia Chaudry and others have publicly discussed Maher’s beef with “the Muslim world” – why were Affleck’s […]


Financial Commentary for Bitch

Article: “Dollars, But No Sense” Publication: Bitch Magazine Date: Summer 2008 “Pass the tissues! Why you should have a good cry at work!” Pulling the April 2008 issue of Marie Claire out of my mailbox, I felt my eyes roll skyward. Since when does crying at work stand in for legitimate career advice? Unfortunately, warped ideas about women, careers, and money have plagued most of the major glossies, resulting in them eschewing factual information for superficial advice, safely swaddled in […]


TV Commentary for Vibe

Article: “The Cruelest Mirror” Publication: Vibe Magazine Date: April 2010 If the squawking housewives, ex-crack addicts and love triangles all make us cringe, why do we the people still tune in to Black reality TV? We love to hate The Real Housewives of Atlanta. So says the stats: 2.7 million viewers during the season two premiere, easily outpacing Bravo TV’s more established Orange County and New York franchises by over a million viewers. What makes RHOA so special? The outbursts? […]


Love It/Shove It For Bitch Magazine

Article: Oprah’s Body is Now Public Conversation – But What Are We Really Talking About? Publication: Bitch Magazine Date: Spring 2009 “I can’t believe I let this happen again!” The headline screamed at me from across the bookstore. On the cover of her eponymous magazine, a sweats-clad 2009 Oprah Winfrey looked with dismay at a recreation of her trim 2005 body. The second line announced: “Oprah on her battle with weight – a must read for anyone who has ever […]


“Where Did Our Angst Go? Teen Espirit Revisted

Written for Spin Magazine, August 2011 In the wake of Nevermind’s historic spew and cry, the world embraced the dark side, and then it didn’t. Will it ever again? “Smells Like Teen Spirit” started as a joke, was misinterpreted as a revolutionary message, became recast as the ultimate alienated teen anthem, bloomed into a successful crossover hit, and ultimately caused no end of grief for the band that created it. In a sense, Nevermind’s most famous single is a Greek […]


Moving Right Along…

Racialicious is keeping me busy, with installing ad networks and website stuff. Plus, my managing editor is down a computer and working overtime, so most of my energy has been spent trying to cover as much as we can on an extra limited time frame. ONA is also rolling right along – hopefully, you’ll see more of my work there next month. However, a few things have happened. For one, my Ignite talk I gave on Hacking Diversity for SparkCamp […]


New Stuff!

Haven’t been keeping up with what I am writing (bad Toya!) but some things I’ve done recently: At the Guardian: Oprah – an American icon However, Oprah doesn’t quite get her due when she does, occasionally, veer into controversial territory. In the post-September 11 fervour, she bucked the national trend toward war and retribution, instead running thoughtful shows on Islam. To help combat xenophobia in the wake of global terrorism, she invited Queen Rania on the show to discuss her […]


New Year, New Work – Blogging, New Focus, The Root, NPR, The Guardian

So, it looks like this will be my new blog for personal updates, since I no longer feel like maintaining Racialicious and a whole other blog about my life. The new year is off to a great start – tomorrow, I will talk a bit about my theme for this year: reinvention. Already, new things are popping. Been working on the shiny new redesign of Racialicious, a new header for here, a new business model, and a new crop of […]